Wood Recycling



What is Wood Mulch/Chipper?

Wood mulch comes from Brush chipper with different sizes. Mulch can either lay over soil for physical use or become organic mulches applied 2-3 inches deep over the soil to improve soil texture and nutrition.

l          Wood chip (Larger size) becomes mulching material.




Wood chip (Smaller size) becomes soil conditioner by adding organic matter, microorganisms, catalyst and others substances for biochemical reaction.


 The Benefits of Wood Chip (Larger Size):

·         It retains water by slowing evaporation

·         It moderates soil temperature. (To help soil retain more heat during winter and reduce heat absorption during summer day time.

·         It keeps lawn mowers and weed whips away from tree trunks reducing machinery damage.

·         It controls weeds by blocking the sunlight.

·         It protects soil from rain for erosion control.

·         It slows runoff velocity for sediment control.


The Benefits of Wood Chip (Smaller Size):

l           To becomes soil conditioner, smaller wood chip can mix with organic matters and nutrients through decomposition for a period of time by biochemical reactions, finally mix to existing soil to be soil mix for improve soil texture and quality.

·         Typical analysis:

Nitrogen (N)


Phosphorus (P2O5)


Potassium (K2O)




Organic matter

80% - 90%

Applications of Wood Chip in Hong Kong.

·         Since soils in Hong Kong are low in nutrients, soil conditioner helps for better growing media.

·         Loosen the compacted soil in Hong Kong and improve the texture

·         Reduce soil water loss due to intense evaporation in the hot summer

            Reduce the erosion of top soil due to the heavy rainfall in summer



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