Food Waste Machine 廚餘機

Food Waste Machine (For Commercial Use)

Small Food Waste Machine (For Demonstration/Educational Use)


Energy Saving Products


(Renewable Energy Products)

Tailor designed solar energy panel or  micro wind turbines are also avaliable)



ECO-D-02 (Solar Energy Security Lamp)

Solar Panel: 90 x 90mm Amorphous                 Light Source: 3 pcs super bright White LED   Power Source: 3 nos Rechargeable High Performance Ni-MH batteries

Operating time while fully charged (Approx.)    Max. Distance approx: 8m                               

Duration time: from 5 sec up to 4 mins adjustable

Material of Casing Plastic Case



ECO-013 (Solar Energy Turf Lamp)

Light Source: 4 pcs Super Bright LEDs Solar Panel: 2.5V 200mA Monocrystaline/Polycrystalline

Power Source: 1.5V, AA size 1500mAh Alkaline Battery x 3 and Sanyo eneloop Rechargeable Battery 6000 mAh

Operating Hours: Up to 10                              

Material of Casing: Stainless Steel   

Product Size: 210 x 450 mm

ECO-014 (Solar Energy Turf Lamp)


ECO-016 (Solar Energy Turf Lamp)




ECO-WH-003 (Solar Energy Water Heater)

To supply about 2 to 40 users with capacity from 100 litres or above

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