Eco-GreenRoof System – Modular Type


MODULAR GREENROOF integrates drainage and filter layers. The modules are easy to install, relocate and replace, different pattern and design for greenroof can be obtained, suitable for normal use, roof with irregular shape, full of pipelines or frequent relocation such as U-channel, drainage cover. It is light and easily relocates by 2 person

s and highly recommended to use with the Standard Type to achieve better results.


  • 綠科組合式天台綠化系统由多層不同功能之組件所組成,其特點為容易安裝及搬運, 因其可預先將草種於組件之上, 大大縮短安裝時間達致即時綠化效果。
  • 可因應不同的設計, 種植不同之植物達到不同的效果。



Eco-GreenRoof System™ – Standard Type


It is patented under Eco-GreenTech Ltd which “uplift” from existing roof surface.  It provides higher insulation ability, avoids prolong wetting to traditional Greenroof systemand is capable of carrying out easy inspection by our camera. This system is patented and designed with an additional water proofing layer. For the standard modular system, every single module is approximately 0.5 to 1 square metre, it is drilled with individual drainage point.  However, standard type are always bigger. It can be built without any specific restriction in size and equipped with our full 3-D Drainage System where irrigation water will drain from the plant and be connected directly to the U-shaped water pipes.



  • 標準式最大的特色之一就是其空氣流動系統,該系統與植物的根部結構隔絕,從而提供一個較受保護和隔離的環境,令安裝前不用作附加的防水工作。
  • 同時,這系統易於安裝及維修,亦可以將微型相機放入來觀察植物根部的生長狀況,以便檢查。


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