Eco-Greenroof and Eco-Greenwall System


A. Introduction


Greenroofs are lightweight vegetated roof systems used as a cost-effective, easy to handle, eco-sensitive alternative to conventional roofing.  Greenroofs vegetation acts like a protective umbrella above the roof to shade and keep buildings cooler to save energy, extend the service-life of the roof, while adding beauty and increase useable space. Also avoiding heat island effect associated with the traditional roofs.

Greenwalls are vegetated wall which are safe to install on almost any structure. We offer a wide range of plants, in several varieties and colors for almost any vertical application. Greenwall panels can be installed on exterior walls of buildings and interior walls of stores and offices; created as company logos, billboards and signs; shown at exhibition Booths at fairs and trade shows or set up in roof gardens and open space areas.

B. Benefits


Heat Island Effect
Heat Islands are a weather phenomenon caused by the centralized heat produced by our cities through vehicle exhaust, air conditioners, massive quantities of heat-absorbing asphalt and concrete.  When moisture of green walls and green roofs evaporates from greenery, there is a significant amount of heat consumed in the evaporation process. Indirectly, Green Roofs reduce air conditioning requirements in buildings, thus minimise energy consumption and heat production. 


Educational Benefits
Green Roofs and Green Walls can be used to teach our children about the environment and the future of building technology. They can perform fun and interesting experiments.  Based on different species of plants and growth rate, it can facilitate their learning process. The next generation needs to learn more about the environmental concerns and issues and we need to address and demonstrate to them. Problems like the Heat Island Effect, Global Warming, CO2 reduction in cities are all addressed by: 


•  Ecological Observation


•  Growing Plants and Vegetables


•  Identifying the Protection of Buildings

The educational opportunities are endless.


Health and Wellness
Plants create a healthier and more relaxed environment affecting our physical and mental health. City life surrounds us in physiological and psychological pressure, natural greenery in our city provides a spiritual and physical connection to nature.  It absorbs stressful and volatile components of our cities promoting our health and wellness. For example, there are several studies showing that hospital patients who have been in rooms with a clear sight of fully blooming trees have required less pain relief drugs and recovered more quickly than patients who were in direct sight of concrete walls.

Energy Savings
Green Roof and Green Wall can naturally reduce room temperatures directly by approximately 1 -2°C which save significant Air Conditioning costs and hence save energy. Energy savings provided by a Green Roof or Green Wall is significantly affected by the moisture content of the soil at a given time.


Building Protection
Damaging UV rays destroy roofs and building structure over time. Green Roofs and Green Walls protect and extend the life of buildings. Building protection is primarily produced by reducing temperature fluctuations. Decreased temperature fluctuations reduce the expansion and contraction of building materials. By reducing cracking and carbonization of the building, its durability is improved and service-life will then extend.

Clean Air
Green Roof or Green Wall plants natural breathing process uses harmful gases and CO2 and the plant surfaces collect fog which causes dust. The process of photosynthesis consumes CO2 and releases O2, but this process also works in reverse.  When you add up the total amount of CO2 consumed by a plant compared to the total amount of O2 produced by a plant, if the plant is healthy, then the CO2 consumption value is usually higher.  If they are kept in good health and maintained properly, 10m2 (~ 100ft2 ) of Green Roofs or Green Walls consume approximately the same amount of CO2 as a 13 foot-high tree per year.    They can also consume trace amounts of Nitrous Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide, it varies greatly depending on the plant selection.


Highly Visible Marketing Tool
Green Roofs and Green Walls are economically beneficial and easy to install to schools, hospitals, private properties and public projects alike and they actually directly contribute to a healthy and improved city environment. There are many Greens being built into today buildings to attract clients.  Green Roof or Green Wall is a highly visible feature that connects environmental friendliness with a product or service without need for further explanation.


Increase in Property Value
It has been proven that quality landscaping and landscape amenities adds 15% to 20% to a buildings value.  In commercial and residential applications, Green Roof or Green Wall adds significantly to your buildings value.  It's a relaxing quiet place to take a break from work, a place for customers to relax while shopping, somewhere to sit and read a book or to watch the sunset.



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